Graveside Manor
The Legend

Evil…Do you know the true meaning of Evil?  Let me enlighten you.  
In the early 1800’s Vladimir Barlow became the hospital administrator for the Hillsborough Institute for the Criminally Insane. 
You see Dr. Barlow was also insane.  He believed in immortality and he used his position as the head of the hospital to conduct the most disturbing experiments on the tortured souls who were unfortunate enough to be under his care. 
You see, Dr. Barlow believed that blood was his path to immortality. Much like the vampires of old, Dr. Barlow would drain the blood of his patients until they were in a zombie like state. 
He would then practice gruesome experiments on their living corpses in the hope of finding eternal life.  It was said that Dr. Barlow would take his patients to his private home in Nashua, NH.  It was there that he was able to practice his macabre experiments in the privacy of his medieval home. 
When he was done with his victims he would bury their remains in the ancient cemetery beside the manor.  When the townspeople discovered Dr. Barlow’s despicable crimes the manor was put to the torch.  Dr. Barlow’s remains were never discovered. 
The estate was called Graveside Manor.
In 2009 the Thomas family moved into the ancient remains of Graveside Manor.  Having a great love for medieval heritage, the Thomas’ begin renovating the home to its former grandeur.  Ignoring Graveside Manors’ gruesome history, they continued their work.
One night soon after the renovations were completed neighbors complained of loud screams coming from inside the home.  Witnesses saw strange movements coming from within the walls of the ancient cemetery that boarders the estate.  When the police arrived they found only the blood stained halls and rooms of this magnificent manor.  No bodies were discovered but the police described the scene as eerie and unsettling. 
They say the house was in such disarray that only a grisly crime could have taken place but the absence of the bodies could not be explained. 
To this day, the crime has never been solved; no one knows what has happened to the Thomas family on that ill-fated night. 
The neighbors’ still claim the manor is haunted. They say if you dare venture inside the halls of Graveside Manor or walk through its ancient cemetery you do so at your own risk.
Be assured Barlow is watching and waiting to continue his experiments.  It is said that he will not rest until he has made the townsfolk suffer as he seeks revenge for his untimely death.  Has he indeed discovered immortality? 
We invite you to join us as we search for the answers.  Are you brave enough to join the search?  Welcome to Graveside Manor.


Up Dated On 10/02/2018